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We prioritize your satisfaction by offering unparalleled convenience and value. When you rent a car in Vlycha-Lindos with us, enjoy the following benefits:

      • Free Delivery: We provide free delivery to your place of stay with no additional charges. Experience the ultimate convenience as we bring the car directly to your hotel or apartment.

      • Special Offers and Discounts: Take advantage of our special offers of up to 40% off and extra discounts for early bookings. Enjoy the best rates while planning ahead.

      • Easy Booking Process: Utilize our user-friendly search engine to select our door-to-door delivery and collection service. Simply enter your desired rental dates, and we will meet you at your accommodation at the agreed-upon time.

        • Crystal Clear Rental Conditions: Our rental conditions are straightforward, with no hidden fees, surprises, or overcharges. We believe in transparency, so you know exactly what to expect when renting a car in Vlycha-Lindos with us.

        • Fully Insured and Safe Cars: Our fleet consists of fully insured, new, clean, and safe vehicles. Rent with peace of mind, knowing that your safety is our top priority.

        • Comprehensive Customer Support: Our round-the-clock customer service is available to address any queries or provide information whenever you need it. We’re here to assist you every step of the way.

      Located on the eastern coast of Rhodes Island, offers a serene and picturesque environment for a relaxing getaway.

      Vlycha car hire

      Here are some highlights of this enchanting destination and why renting a car is the ideal way to explore:

          • Vlycha Beach: Immerse yourself in the stunning beauty of Vlycha Beach. Its long stretch of fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and shallow depths make it perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. Rent sunbeds and umbrellas or simply lay out your towel and soak up the sun.

          • Local Cuisine and Relaxing Atmosphere: Indulge in delicious local cuisine and refreshing drinks at the various restaurants and bars in Vlycha. Experience the laid-back atmosphere and savor leisurely meals and drinks with your loved ones.

          • Historical Sites Nearby: Vlycha is in close proximity to significant historical sites, including the Acropolis of Lindos and the ancient city of Rhodes. With a rental car, easily explore these cultural landmarks and delve into the rich history of the island.

        Fully enjoy your stay in Vlycha-Lindos and make the most of your visit to Rhodes Island, renting a car is highly recommended. Vlycha car Rental offers a wide range of cars at affordable rates, providing you with the freedom and flexibility to explore the island at your own pace.


        Uncover the hidden gem of Vlycha and experience an authentic Greek vacation away from the crowds. Enjoy the pristine beach, delectable cuisine, and laid-back atmosphere that make Vlycha-Lindos a haven of tranquillity.

        Book your car rental with Vlycha car hire today and embark on an

        unforgettable journey through the natural beauty and historical wonders of Vlycha-Lindos. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your car rental experience exceeds expectations.

        With Vlycha car hire, you have the flexibility to customize your Vlycha-Lindos adventure. Explore nearby beaches, such as the idyllic Tsambika Beach or the secluded Agathi Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and pristine sand. With your rental car, you can easily navigate the coastal roads and discover hidden coves and breathtaking viewpoints along the way.

        Venture further inland and immerse yourself in the island’s rich history. Drive to the remarkable Acropolis of Lindos, perched atop a rocky hill, and marvel at the ancient ruins that date back to the Hellenistic period. Take a stroll through the narrow streets of Lindos village, adorned with whitewashed houses and vibrant bougainvillea, and experience the charm of this picturesque destination.

        For a truly immersive historical experience, visit the ancient city of Rhodes. With its well-preserved medieval walls, imposing Palace of the Grand Master, and labyrinthine Old Town, Rhodes offers a glimpse into the island’s glorious past. With your Cario rental car, you can easily explore the city and its architectural marvels at your own pace.

        Throughout your journey, rest assured that Vlycha car hire has you covered. Our new and well-maintained vehicles ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience. Should you require any assistance or have questions along the way, our dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to provide support and guidance.

        When it comes to renting a car in Vlycha-Lindos, Cario Car Rental is the trusted choice. With our commitment to transparency, reliability, and customer satisfaction, we guarantee a seamless and enjoyable experience from start to finish. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a loved one, or as a family, our range of vehicles caters to your specific needs.


        Experience the serenity of Vlycha-Lindos and embark on a journey that combines natural beauty, historical exploration, and the freedom of a rental car.

        Book your car with Cario Car Rental today and unlock the true essence of Rhodes Island. Let us be your reliable companion as you create memories that will last a lifetime.



        We have a large fleet of cars and minibuses available to satisfy all the needs and requirements of the visitors. All our cars are branded and are very well maintained.

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