Terms of Booking

1.With this agreement CARIO RENTAL the undersigned tenant leases the car shown in the present under the following terms and agreements, of which fully accepts the tenant.

2.The car can only lead to the tenant and an additional driver, who stated in this agreement. Both drivers must be at least 21 years and have Greek or international driving license that is valid and issued at least one year.

3.The lessee has received the car that looked and found the absolute convenience and in excellent condition.

4.The lessee is obliged to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had when collected.

5.In case the renter returns the vehicle and its cabin has stains which require a special cleaning procedure (animal hair, sand etc. on the seats or car floor or port baggage etc. he will have to pay the amount of 50euro.

6.In case the renter being at fault in an accident serious damage or removal of the car plates, he will be responsible for paying for the whole period until the car gets back in traffic. Also all traffic fines and administrative penalties resulting from violation of the Greek traffic law are on the renters account.

7. In case of an accident or damage, the driver should pull over and call the office CARIO RENTAL immediately.

8.The renter is charged with the cost of a new car key if the original gets lost or totally damaged.

9.Any damage towards third party exceeding the insurance coverage will lie with the renter

10.Ferrying the car or driving it outside the country borders is strictly forbidden.

11. If the tenant wants to extend the rental car he is required to notify the office CARIO RENTAL 24 hour prior to the expiry of the lease to obtain a written authorization subject to availability.

12.The lessee expressly agrees that the D&C RENTAL is not responsible for any damage or loss suffered by the tenant or third parties during the lease and no claim may be brought against CARIO RENTAL for the above reason.

13. Rates and conditions may change without notice. INSURANCE TERMS: THIRD PARTY INSURANCE: it covers any personal injuries of the driver up to 5,000euro. Damage to third party up to 1.000.000 euro. Material third party damage up to 1.000.000euro, excluding any damages to the car itself. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: this type of insurance covers material damages caused at the car and limits the responsibility of the driver for car damage for the following categories: A, A1, B up to 500.00euro, C, D, D1 up to 700.000euro,Ε, Ε1 1.000,00€, F,F1,G up to 1.200.00euro.prices do not include VAT. There is no insurance for anything that happens while the driver is under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances, for any kind of damage caused at the bottom of the car, its interior part, at the tires or rims, for accidents caused by drivers who haven’t obeyed the Greek traffic laws or have violated the terms of this contract. The renter entitles «CARIO RENTAL» to use his credit card in order to settle up with contractual obligations arising from the particular contract as well as many other extra charge or damage that occurs by the renters negligence or uncompromising attitude. All the personal details regarding this contract are true. The competent courts for any possible dispute are the courts of Rhodes.

No insurance covers the following cases. Charges for any of the damages listed below will be borne directly by the customer regardless of whether he has accepted the CDW, FDW, WUG, with the most important being: -Damages or losses inside and outside the vehicle (Caused without a recorded accident) -Damage to the underside of the vehicle caused by off-road driving. -Burned clutch due to misuse. -Burned engine due to negligence or broken crankcase off the asphalt road. – Detachment of the vehicle (beach – mountains, etc.) -Accident or damage caused under the influence of alcohol / drugs, causing intentional damage, off-road driving. The customer assumes full responsibility in case of such claims. -Any unreported damage or accident to the vehicle may be construed as negligence. The customer must inform the company immediately otherwise no insurance covers him. Loss or removal of Signs In case of loss or removal of license plates during the rental, the tenant will be charged the rent until the receipt of the license plates by the competent service as well as any costs incurred for their repositioning. Loss or destruction of a key In case of loss or destruction of a key during the rental, then the tenant will have to pay 150 to 500 euros depending on the type of vehicle. Also that any other output occurs (key reprogramming, vehicle transfer, etc.)

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