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By merely navigating through our webpage, you may just as well opt for not releasing any personal information. Kindly bear in mind, however, that should you care to proceed to a rental or put through a question in the matter of any transaction with our firm, you will be prompted to previously release certain personal data of yours as well as consenting to such data be maintained in our care.

Personal Data

Data qualifying as “personal” are information concerning private parties (natural persons) – including but not limited to names and surnames, contact phone numbers, websites, national identifiers or passport numbers, driver’s license numbers, e-mails – actually or potentially identifying a person.

Data of this kind are collected as of any transaction carried out whether by way of automated means or not. Personal data thus collected are nevertheless limited, as to their type and amount, to what you have indicated as collectable information, upon providing your consent thereto. Such personal data of yours we need towards conceptualizing and improving our services as well as within the framework of our obligations to conform to legal requirements under the law (i.e. fiscal, labor, social security obligations e.a.) and/or to eventually defend our corporate interests by taking such legal recourse as may be required towards due consolidation of our legitimate interests.

Amongst other, we shall require your consent to send you informative material, advertisement and relevant publicity on our products and services.

Our company formally warrants to abstain from any further communication, disclosure, transfer etc. of your personal data to any third party on any account and to any purpose whatsoever unless so becomes obligatory under the applicable legislation or is required by any competent state, judicial or other public authority whatsoever. Your personal data may, indicatively, be communicated to:

  • Insurance companies eventually liaising with our firm
  • Our firm’s trade mark and systems users
  • Partner travel agencies and hotel enterprises
  • Accounting firms in charge of our firm’s accounting follow up and audit
  • Road assistance firms collaborating with our firm to the benefit of persons driving vehicles of our fleet.
  • Companies managing the car booking system.

You are entitled to request that your personal data be removed from our systems if they are no longer of use to any of the purposes enunciated above. You are entitled to request that your personal data be removed from our systems if they are no longer of use to any of the purposes enunciated above.

Applicable Law in the matter of our processing your Personal Data

Any issues anyhow to arise in connection with processing, by our firm, of any personal data of yours shall be governed by the laws of the Hellenic Republic, as modulated and currently in effect in the light of the terms of Regulation 2016/679/EU in the matter of Personal Data Protection. Any disputes to emanate therefrom will be brought before the materially competent Courts of the Judicial District of Rhodes (Greece). I hereby formally consent to my personal data being processed For more details, please refer to our relevant printouts or consult the corresponding rubric on our website.

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